StratOp for Business

 StratOp with Eddy Smith and the Tharseo Group

What is StratOp?

StratOp is a strategic system that helps your team clarify where you are, where you’re headed, and how to get there. It’s used by organizations big and small, from billion-dollar global corporations to small nonprofits and churches of all sizes.

The StratOp Process will:

  • Give you perspective on the Strategic, Operational, and Financial parts of your organization.
  • Help you know where you are today.
  • Clarify where you should go next.
  • Give you a customized plan on how to get there.

What Is The Process?

More than a planning event, the StratOp process is a comprehensive system for your organization.

You and your team will gain perspective on internal and external realities facing your organization. Through the process, your team will craft strategies and a core plan that can be measured, incrementally installed, and adapted to internal and external realities.​

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